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Have a look through the pictures in the gallery. All pictures are of the Hot Tubs we use for hire and the majority are from customers using the Hot Tub. If you would like some pictures sent to you please just ask. If you think access to your property may prove a problem – please send us pictures of the exterior of your house, and where you would like the hot tub to be placed and we will be happy to advise.

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    Hot Tub Usage Instructions and Specifications

    Download our printable PDF Instructions for using the hot Tub and also Chemical use instructions and Hire Hot Tub specification sheet which includes all the hot tub features you can expect.

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    We are always delighted to answer any questions about our products and services here at Hot Tub Celebrations. So why not email us for a quote? You can also call our landline on 0161 330 5993. Or you can call us on our mobiles; Eric on 07858 304569 or Kathryn on 07969 678183. We look forward to hearing from you!